Roel Moors


Telekom Bonn

Roel is a coach who lives and breathes basketball.
He is 100% dedicated to the game, strives to improve himself and above all Roel is a young coach who has a great future.
His scouting ability is one of the best parts of his coaching qualities.
Moors is a hardworking coach, with methods which are systematic. He likes to work with the players and focuses in depth ~ with attention to every detail.
As a result of his great work, the season 2018/2019 will be remembered as the most successful in the Antwerp Giants’ history as well as one of the most successful in the history of Belgian basketball.
His team advanced to the Final Four of the BCL, winning 3rd place, a fantastic result which was unimaginable before the season began.
Roel won the Award “Coach of the Season” in the BCL.
Antwerp Giants was by far the youngest team in the competition and Roel showed his strength in developing young and talented players.
He was the Head Coach of the U16 and U20 Belgian National Team and the Assistant Coach of the Belgian National Team.
In the summer 2019, coach Moors signed with the German powerhouse Brose Bamberg.
In 2020 Roel signed with ambitious German team BG Goettingen
After tremendous results with BG Gottingen,Roel Moors has signed a two-year deal with the Top German team and Basketball Champions League Champion Telekom Bonn