Walter De Raffaele


Reyer Venezia

The Italian specialist belongs to the coaches who are modern and always innovative.

He is one of the most successful Italian coaches and made tremendous success in 2017, winning the Italian championship with Reyer Venezia!

In addition to that, during the 2017 season, he lead his team to the Final Four of the Fiba Champions League.

This season, 2018/2019, his team is once again, one of the best in the Italian championship and in the Fiba Champions league.

Walter made a tremendous success in 2018-2019 winning another championship, bringing the second trophy to the Venetian team in three years!

He is confirming his great work and his consistency, which real proves his excellent coaching abilities.

Walter is hardworking and has a great connection with his players.

He has all the neccessary ingredients needed to win more trophies in the future. His dedication to basketball and his quality are of the highest level.

Scouting is the important part of his coaching life and he pays attention to all possibile details about the players and the game in general.